Coffee Review: CLR CFF – Clear Coffee?!

clear coffee – Coffee Review: CLR CFF – Clear Coffee?!


  1. They don't have to put everything they use on the label – only what remains. As long as they get it out of the end product, they don't have to declare it. But as you can smell, a certain amount can be there and still can stay off the label.
    There should be lobbying against that imo.

  2. Have you tried the milk punch method to get clear coffee?

  3. @3:00 LOL Now THAT'S entertainment! 😀

  4. you can try another clear coffee, but its from indonesia “kopi bening”, or you can find “ncoffeeofficial” from instagram

  5. @3:06 OK, that was pretty damn entertaining.

  6. I just saw this, and laughed my ass off! Hands down the best reviewer, this review reminds me of your Aldi espresso machine review. Somehow James, you always manage to keep your composure, even while trashing something, yet in a proper gentleman kind of way LOL

  7. tried it before, and yuck.

  8. Marinate some meat with it lol

  9. my favorite is Arctic coffee caramel.

  10. Thank you for your suffering, James.

  11. What if you boil it, and use it to brew a pour over

  12. Guess I'll stick to my


  13. I've been cropping screenshots of your suffering for use as discord emoji. They're really visceral, 10/10

  14. I think we all love to see James suffer taste wise. ?

  15. You've sold it to me. Where can I buy a bucket.

  16. I also bought these when they came out. I got a pack of 6 and all but the first sip went down the drain. Overwhelming solvents.

  17. Soilent….oh, solvent, never mind.

  18. I always thought the idea of clear coffee was cool. Great channel ! Subscribed

  19. Going back through all of your weird coffee drink videos during this quarantine business. Thank you for doing these. Very interesting and quite entertaining.

  20. Makes me wonder what would happen if I dissolved some 100mg caffeine tablets in water: Would it taste as bad as this stuff?

  21. But what did you do with the second bottle?

  22. You make is sound soooo delicious!

  23. i mean to the average pregound filter coffee drinker coffee is supposed to be so bitter that it tastes like ashtray.

  24. I hate it just by the looks of it

  25. "The worst part of peaty whisky" – I'm not sure what this means. There are bad parts of peaty whisky?!? 😛

  26. Now I'm interested to see you taste/review whisky…

  27. forgot the sugar and cream. wonder if that would make it taste a little better ?

  28. Love how the music stops right when you smell it

  29. When life gives you terrible coffee, make Vietnamese with it 🙂

  30. So, your clarified coffees were really good by comparison.

  31. It sound like those fake illegal chinese artificial coffee

  32. Another option they had was to use a centrifuge. That’s my guess if they claimed no solvents were used.

  33. Your facial expressions tell me this is like some sort of caffeine water mixed with the burnt cigarette/cigar smelling spent coffee grinds of a bad auto-espresso maker you find in the back-office kitchen a corporate office….

  34. Smokey Ash Rubber Espresso. A new blend idea for Second Mile eh? ??

  35. If they were to really make it good, an extensively expensive process to get the taste as close as possible to real coffee would be column chromatography. You can separate each and every compound and measure their proportions. By picking which of them have unpleasant taste or simply don't contribute to it, you can make anything.

    Again, really expensive. I'd rather make this as only experimental for laboratory fun.

  36. I'm laughing because I would probably like this

  37. Brave man. Thank you, James.

  38. James, I've been watching your videos for a while now, I like your reviews and the content of your channel! This video was too much… extremely funny and the way you finished it… "Clear Coffee, keep out of reach of children and… probably adults" Thanks for the advice, I will probably avoid this burned and expensive water.

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