Eureka Mignon Specialita Review: The best espresso grinder for home users?

espresso grinder reviews – Eureka Mignon Specialita Review: The best espresso grinder for home users?


  1. To make finer micro adjustments, does it require to have burr running with beans? I read a few forums that it’s recommended way. That seems like a lot of coffee waste and quite hard to dial in.

  2. Love the way he says hoooba!

  3. handgrind for espresso with the kinu m47 is quite easy and fast (30 sec for 17g). a lot faster than grind french press with my hario!

  4. What about one of the cheaper Mignon grinders with the 50mm burrs? I prefer single dosing, and don't need the top of the line. Is there a quality difference with the smaller burr?

  5. is there a difference in the grind quality and retention between the silenzio and the specialita?

  6. Great review mate! You mentioned you use Scandanavian light roast for espresso. What will be your espresso setting here? You mentioned about near burr rub and wondering if this grinder provide any leverage to adjustments and is suitable for Scandanavian light roast? Secondly with Scandanavian light roast, do you get a great espresso or do you have to work on longer contact time on Robot to yield good espresso with crema and body?

  7. Mignon means small in french 🙂

  8. Great grinder but no thought was put into easy cleaning of the chute. One needs to remove 5 screws and take apart the machine and worry about stress on the two electrical connector cord for the front pulse switch and the control panel.

  9. Very nice Video! Thank you.
    I am using the Specialita since over a year and I am very happy with it. My wife uses single doses (Café Latte) and me double (Flat White). We fill the basket fot the day and the results with the timer are so incredible consistent (+-0.15g). The only downside is, as you already mentioned, the adjustment knob.

  10. I totally agree with your review and would put the Eureka Specialita up there with my Niche Zero. I often single dose so will need to try the 3d printed dosing mod. I had no idea that such a thing existed!

  11. Hej 🙂 Hearing your accent I am assuming your are from Denmark? I am getting my Specialita soon and was wondering where you printed the 3D single dosing hopper? Can you recommend something here in DK/Copenhagen that doesn’t cost a fortune? 🙂

  12. I am trying to dial a coffee for my brother in law I wish the adjustment knob was much much bigger the smallest movement is a big grind difference.

  13. How would you rank the Ceado E6P vs the Specialita?

  14. Your reviews are very good. Nice and thorough! I decided to try a sette 270 wi. The noise doesn’t it bother me but I would appreciate a quiet grinder.

  15. I would like to see ceado grinders!

  16. How is the espresso quality by taste compared to Niche zero?

  17. Hi, I got the grunder a weekend ago, worked nice for a weekend. Then I changed beans, needed new dialing in and the machine Cameron to full stop at 2,5. The whole chute was clogged up. What could be the problem? I have only run around 1 kg coffee at setting 3. So machine is brand new. Thankful for ideas!

  18. Hey mate, just got this model. Just wondering with the screw that locks the hopper in, is it meant to go through the rubber ring? My rubber ring seems to stop the screw from going into the hopper screw hole

  19. Nice review, but I don't see you measuring any retention at the part at 9:19. If the machine retains, say, 2g. And you grind 15g of beans. It will push out the 2g of stale coffee and then another 13g of fresh coffee. And will retain 2g again. So you of course end up with 15g of ground coffee. It doesn't matter how much the real retention is. If you blow it out every time and it retains only roughly 1g now, you will still suffer from the same problem: 1g retained, 15g beans in, 1g stale coffee + 13g fresh coffee out, blowing adds another 1g of fresh coffee, leaving you again with your 15g ground coffee of which 1g is stale, 14g are fresh and 1g retained in the machine.

  20. Wanted to ask, how is it for grinding very very light roast fresh beans? For espresso/turkish grind,
    Will it get stuck? Will it only work if i pre grind it on coarse hand grinder?

    Would eureka atom 65 pro/speciality be better? With 65mm flat ssp red speed burrs for that, and shorter bean hopper for less popcorning, in single dose,
    Or lagom p64 be better?

    I usually grind espresso or paper filter, i need one that can do both well,

    Another question, will the mignon stepless grind setting need to readjusted every couple of days? Or will the grind setting stay the same for long time?


  21. Great video, thank you! I already known the specialita but came here regarding the single mod. Thank you for adding the files. If I take to someone who prints 3d, can I give them the files to make? Thanks

  22. Really well thoughtout review. Thanks!

  23. It's good your getting 15g out when you put 15g in but it doesn't mean there's no retention going on since you may have some coffee from your last 15g being transferred to your new 15g. You'd have to clean out the machine completely and weigh what you found in there and/or then measure if you lost any coffee after putting another 15g through the clean grinder.
    Ah I see others have made similar comments, sorry.

  24. Any chance you will be getting a demo model of the Mignon XL that just launched to do a comparison with the Specialita?

  25. Where can I buy that stainless coffee grind cup?

  26. hi can you explain what is the different between perfetto and specialita beside the bur size?

  27. I just bought the Mignon Silenzio which has the analog timer and manual mode. Basically, same grinder without the display timer and associated functions. If you plan to single dose a lot, get that model. It’s less expensive at $500. Great value and quality for single dosing and less than the Niche. And yes it is relatively quiet. I really like this grinder. Little tricky to dial in, but once you do, you’re good to go. I do get more flavor and notes out of this grinder than my previous with conical burrs.


  29. I have had this grinder for over a year. I made it a single dosing grinder after about a month into ownership with a clear pvc pipe. I have minor .1-.2g retention, and yes the knob is far too small to easily adjust the grinder in tiny increments.

  30. I use a stove top for my espresso. What do you recommend for an entry level girder? And how fine a grind do you recommend for stove top. Thanks.

  31. I'm looking to replace my grinder, I do espresso exclusively, and I practice single dosing. What would you recommend? Is the Sette not good because it is conical? Does the Mignon have better grind quality? THank!!

  32. Have had mine for a week and I think it’s brilliant.

  33. Maybe the best review of this popular grinder.

  34. I have this grinder. The retention is around 1.9g every time. If you want to test the retention, you should clean the grinder and do the test, you will find the first time will miss around 2g .
    Not just simple record how much in and how much out.
    Try some blow up system function will work. Not just the little balloon.

    The video show 0.2g retention may missleading the potential buyer?

  35. great vid. had a specialita for a few months and have been loving using it

  36. Great review. Thank you! Mignon means "cute" it's a french word. Just ordered this grinder.

  37. Thank you for talking about grind quality and retention in a detailed way. Most other reviews in general just mention that and focus on features.

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