Is Kafatek’s MC4 the Best Espresso Grinder?

espresso grinder – Is Kafatek’s MC4 the Best Espresso Grinder?


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  2. How can something be the best if it's not for sale to the "common" public? Sorry I am just bitter to get teased with this grinder that even if I am lucky and get it in first 30 seconds, then I can get it 12 months later. No thanks. Compak or Robur. At least they respect their potential customers. If Kafatek was serious they would take 100,% down payment and deliver when it's your turn. Just like every car company.

  3. Lovely quality video. I and I'm sure many others would be interested in seeing a workflow video and how each part affects your end result.

  4. Great review! Keep rocking!

  5. Been hearing alot of buzz about the DF64/solo/G-IOTA grinder, Seems like a single dose 64mm flat grinder out of china, do you have any plans to check it out?

  6. Hi, what a great review, thank you! I’d love your opinion about this. I’m upgrading from a Baratza 270 and looking for a grinder that gives me good texture and clarity largely for medium roasted blends on the chocolate-ie side of the spectrum. Ie we don’t tend to like lighter roasted / floral roasts. Would you recommend this grinder for that profile given what you know? It seems awesome.

  7. What do you recommend Monolith Conical or Flat or Flat Max for espresso with espresso beans roasted from scandanavian roasters like Koppi, Tim Windelboe, Drop, etc or Gardelli.

  8. Great description: “Filter coffee enhanced with gelatin.”

  9. You know, I thought I had reached the pinnacle of coffee/espresso youtube channels by watching James Hoffmann, Whole latte love, Seattle coffee gear and the like…
    but then you uncover a new, even higher level of 'niche' products, that aren't even sold by retailers and are out of stock all the time, and an audience that is interested in the upmost minute aspects of their espresso and are willing to pay thousands upon thousands to get a slightly different flavour profile.
    What a crazy world we live in. Interesting, but crazy.

  10. Oblique Strategies…Anyone? Anyone?

  11. hello, you mentioned that you want to back flush as infrequent as possible. Is that a reason? I saw that you use a Decent machine and the dirty water should go out through a dirty water path rather than 3 way solenoid valve.

  12. Congratulations. Big bump in the quality of the video, becoming a fan.

  13. Very interesting video!

    Sounds like a more uniform conical, which sounds delicious. At some point you mention extraction %…did you make some measurements?

  14. I hadn't heard about this grinder because everyone seems to only talk about the Monolith Flats, but this seems ideal for my taste. I have been using an Aergrind modified to use an electric drill to slowly grind very coarsely into my Sette 270 over about 45s and this seems to be the, uh, more refined version of that method. Thanks for the review.

  15. Hey Michael, would you comment on the difference in taste between the MC4 and the Lab Sweet for espresso. I would be interested in filter taste differences between the 2 as well, but I understand that you are planning something in the future.

  16. Jeez. You sound like such a

  17. Thank you for the review! I have owned my MC4 for around three months. I concur with all that you have said about it. The burrs are now broken in and it's even better. Essentially there is zero grinds retention. All I ever find when I clean the burrs are bits of chaff. The quality of the grinds that it produces is light, fluffy and easy to work with. Then, there is the consistent details that brings it all together producing a cup that you feel is extracting the flavors distinctly. I no longer use the conditioning tool but use one very short burst of distilled water from the spritzer. Michael you do an extraordinary job in presenting your opinions of the grinders that you test. No waste of time, directly to the point! Great job!

  18. videos keep getting better and better

  19. HI Michael, Happy to see the subscriber family growing for you. Love how you say the things as honestly and straightforwardly as possible. That Slo-mo pour was a good touch!! 😀
    I am also planning to put some effort to start on my YouTube channel, but getting confused with all the options to video edit out there. May I know what application you use for the same?


  20. Thank you Michael! Great video and awesome to see how you take time to answer all the detailed questions here in the chat.

  21. Love your channel and just subscribed. What do you think of the EG-1. Review maybe soon and compare with the Kafatek? ?☕️

  22. Just wanted to say that you've really up'd your videos! Much better videography and also seem to be better structured. One of the best coffee channels ever! Thanks for making these interesting videos 😉

  23. Thank you for these very well educated and informative in-depth videos!

  24. Great video. Informative and funny.

    I do wonder if one could get a comparable result by grinding twice in the same conical, once very coarsely and then at an espresso fine level. (Maybe I’m just trying not to empty my wallet and upgrade my Niche ?)

  25. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the analysis on the MC4, great work you do. FYI: James Hoffman did this experiment on the Niche Zero that you might like to reference and try testing yourself to verify results if one bean (feed rate) vs steps in grind make a difference in a grinder.

    What James did was first make a very course grind through the Niche than adjusted the grind to fine for the final grind. This is not the workflow the majority of us who just wants espresso would want to do, but with the Niche experiment this might help verify your analysis with the final cup profiles to verify if there is a difference in multiple step grinding.

    Seems you both are seeing similar results that multiple step grind is the difference maker vs feed rate. I have not tried James Hoffman's method as I have a Niche. But I'm a newbie into espresso and still learning basics. But I would be interested to hear someone else on James level of knowledge and ability to try this. Hope you do a video on it and let us know your thoughts!

  26. Can you compare the noise levels between the KafaTek MC4 and the Versalab M4. Also durability and ease of cleaning between the two?

  27. I have one coming in March/April batch and can't wait to compare/contrast it to my MAX. @Michael have you compared the two?

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