1. For the price I want a digital display that shows 1-200 and exactly the grind setting I have chosen. If you’re going this far for the best espresso, I don’t want to be guessing on my setting for specific beans.

  2. It’s beautiful grinder but no action , too much talking instead of working on it. I hate people when they talk too much but no action

  3. Where do you get the WDT tool from?

  4. sounds like you need to sift

  5. It’s a beautiful grinder. However price is way higher than I anticipated.

  6. Looks like a copy of the Kafatek Monolith Flat

  7. 2021 – people started to dial-in by adjusting speed on grinder. Thanks, interesting information

  8. Another review without actualy using the device. It would be helpfull in a grinder review to grind a dose or two. That way we get an idea how it sounds, the speed, cleanliness, etc, etc.

  9. That's a lot of static. Maybe, this grinder isn't better than Niche.

  10. This, in a few ways, seems like a flat burr Niche Zero. I’m sure there are reasons why this one is twice the price, but outside of the burrs, I don’t see many. How does this compare to the Niche for home espresso and other brewing? Thanks.

  11. How does this compare to a comandante c40 or an ek43?

  12. May I recommend giving a full demo of using the grinder, e.g. actually showing the process of grinding the beans, dosing, grooming, and pulling the shot? It would provide additional info like appxoimate grind speed, loudness, and an example of what a single-dosing workflow may look like (compared to most people who are used to grinders with hoppers and perhaps timed dosing).

  13. Could you explain if there are any drawbacks to the unimodal burr? It seems like having fewer fines should appeal to everyone, so who's choosing the other burr?

  14. I like this overview kind of videos. But I think it'll be better if you have some fun a little bit and not fully informative. Cause it will make less repetitive imo.

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