Review: Kruve EQ Glassware

clear coffee cups – Review: Kruve EQ Glassware


  1. James! Thanks so much for the review, and of course, a million thank you's for your support and backing ??Here's a limited-time offer for your audience/subscribers – Use discount code KRUVEJH10 and take 10% off the entire store, including accessories, and the brand new PIQUE carafe!

    Thanks again. More to come…

  2. The decanter might be nice if you're doing aeropress for a group. I think the cups are ugly, but that's subjective.

  3. I'll actually start drinking my coffee in my Spigelau wine glass, as I do with beer and whisky

  4. And so. I went to the Kruve site and put five items in the cart, signed up for their email, and am crossing my fingers that a discount coupon will show up in my email before I break down and place my order lol.

  5. 3:55 that transition ❤️

  6. I am not sure but every video has a different audio level and its a little annoying how some videos are barely audible at 50% sound level while some spank off my speaker.

  7. Have you swirled the Kruve Propel?…others have enjoyed the taste experience

  8. so we're just not gonna talk about the coffee magic he edited there?

  9. What kind of jewels are the walls made of?

  10. "I don't really spend that much time day to day just sniffing my cup – that's kind of a bit weird."
    The wine tasters rebel!!

  11. I really like the look of the glasses and wanted to know more if you find one better than the other. Thanks for the review.

  12. Hey James, have you tried Ipoh White Coffee before?

  13. The decanter really looks so good

  14. If you’re drinking specialty coffee at home from your £1000 espresso machine and £1000 grinder and you have spent all day yesterday making your own mineral water so you have the right amount of magnesium and you spent Christmas morning slagging off your family for full depressing their french press plunger; I think that the glass your drinking from isn’t what is making your family think you’re pretentious. ? that ship has sailed.

  15. I like the wider mouth one better simply because i think it'll feel better drinking from a wider mouth than a narrow mouth.

  16. Pretentious looking, to say nothing about the 8 minute film describing them. 😉 They are pretty cool looking.

  17. I love the video because in the end I learned a lot. When I first watched it, I found this video a little bit, well so what?. Maybe a little confusing too.

    On the other hand I now understand your excitement about the cups. I use your link and went to the website and now I understand how it works and what it's about. The blind comparative taste testing with the eight people or so was amazing to see the consistent results in their evaluation of the coffee/s. Grin.

  18. I am here, watching a review of a *coffee tasting glass*, while not even caring about coffee that much. What have you done to me youtube?

  19. Jewell-walled eh? Glassware for the obnoxiously bling.

  20. Best Editor Award: James or ThisOldTony?

  21. I think a similar thing happens with tea and porcelain cups. It’s not the porcelain but the thinness of the wall of the vessel when you sip. This introduces a different airflow and changes the experience, compared to a much thicker walled mug.

  22. Have you tried drinking wine or beer from these?

  23. Loving your reviews James. I bought these just because of the Jetsons comment ( no I did not BTW ?). Would people warm these before adding our delicious ( I'm hopeful) coffee??

  24. "If I'm just drinking my coffee I don't really spend much time just sniffing my cup, that's just … weird."
    Wine drinkers would like to have a word with you.

  25. A review/comparison video about double-wall glass carafes such as Kruve Evoke & Pique, Fellow Stagg, Notneutral Gino, Bolio 6, etc. would be great…maybe!! Just throwing an idea for James to consider!

  26. 3:55 — Weird but welcomed editing flex!

  27. Ok I totally agree with you about the glass. Great thinking point

  28. I like the idea of these more than I actually like them. Agreed the carafe is the best of the lot. Also, I had to rewind. My brain argued that the carafe was empty before you poured it. It was kind of right lol

  29. …I don’t like anything that appears tipsy/narrow at the bottom… Nothing with a pedestal… Square bottomed glass or mug suits me?

  30. I wonder if that kind of experience could be the same as drinking espresso on either long and narrow cups or in wider and shorter ones. Nespresso did tried to sell this kind of idea with specific cups to taste coffee…In my opinion it maybe something people already do, but in a subconscious way.
    I am glad to see this kind of review. Thank you always for the great video.

  31. I like using a dual wall tumbler for my day to day coffee, but rinse it in cold water before using it so its not too hot

  32. What are the 2 devices on the shelf right behind your right shoulder?

  33. That coffee in carafe jumpcut was not possible. I slowed and rewatched so many times but I couldn't find a single hitch!

  34. I was saddened to hear you say smelling the coffee is weird. The aroma is at least 50% of the coffee experience. I always drink my coffee in thin walled Pinot Noir wine glasses as it holds the aroma amazingly well. Pretentious? Maybe if it was for any other reason than enhancing the coffee experience itself. But I drink my coffee more like my specialty Chinese teas, for the experience. Which is what got me into thin edged glasses. There's something better about drinking specialty coffee and tea over a thin edge(and I'm sure wine where those guys could give an actual reason for it).
    Which is what I'm not a fan of with most all coffee cups, mugs and glasses, including the Kruve.
    Love all our work

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